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A tough fourteen year old greaser... one ofthe most awsome people in the world:P

Tough long hair is another lovely feature to ponyboy.

an outsider
Hey man, yall are just like ponyboy!
by ponyboy lover March 19, 2010
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A ponyboy is a man who makes the world a better place and looks good while doing it.
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by MBCK February 05, 2018
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Ponyboy Michael Curtis is a fictional character from the book/movie The outsiders brother of Darry and soda pop Curtis. He is played by C Thomas Howell and is FINEEEE ASSS HECKKK.
by Hottiethotties June 12, 2018
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Contrary to populat belief, a Pony Boy is actually a boy or man that drives a Mustang and is under the misunderstanding that their car is faster than every other thing on the road. Pony Boy's rivals include Camaro drivers, Trans Am drivers, and Corvette drivers. Occasionally they will be beat by a ricer (aka Honda, Acura, or anything with a tailpipe big enough to fit a grapefruit into) which is worse than a Mustang, but only by a small amount.
Yesterday I went up to Wendy's and saw a couple Pony Boy's standing around talking about the APC parts they recently purchased from Autozone to put into their Mustang. One of the Pony Boys even had neon underglow lights.
by Yabba Dabba Doo April 15, 2009
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Pony Boy's are recent occurence and are positioned midway between trendys and townies as they share some parts of both and can mix easily with both groups.

Pony Boy's look exactly the same as male trendys but are different as they are often not intelligent, decent or friendly. They are sports obsessed, sex obsessed to the point of being manwhores and enagage in male bonding activities (such as teabagging and mass nude showers) that can often cause closet homosexuality.

Pony Boy's are often the mature form of a chav, a corrupted trendy or a more fashion concious townie

To put it simply, pony boys can be excessively vain and act like twats yet still attract trendy girls better than any townies.
Person 1: Look at him! He shoved his arse in my face the other day. How can he get such a hot girlfriend?
Person 2: That's pony boy's for you.
by mrtruth May 26, 2008
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