Participating in a call out of pity for the speaker
Dude, my Prof. kept asking questions and no one responded so I felt bad for him and interacted. A fkn pity parti..
by WhoopScoop9 February 8, 2021
When you feel bad for someone on an online call and decide to speak to them/speak in class
My Prof. keeps asking questions in class but no one responds so now his class is practically a pity parti. We only respond because we feel bad for him
by WhoopScoop9 February 8, 2021
When someone hangs out with you because they feel bad for you. But it's pitiful because they will talk behind your back or are the reason that people feel bad for said person. No notice of planning, pity parties happen when said person may happen upon something that they are seeing experienced. They are included out of pity.
Should I subject myself and dignity to this pity party?

Oh look who's here
by Itswhatiwant December 26, 2017
when a girl feels bad feels bad for someone and to cheer them up sends them a picture of her titties
babe, im having a rough day. can i have some pity titty ?
by camerelle August 27, 2018
The "boobs" that God gives to fat girls because he feels sorry for their morbid obesity.
Tracy: "Yeah, well at least I have bigger BOOBS than you!"

Britanny: "Psh. Those are pity titties, fatass!"
by eatthebaby September 14, 2010
when a woman has breasts so large men are no longer aroused by them and actually sympathise with the suffering they cause
'dude, she has some of the biggest pity titties I ever seen, she must have so much trouble with back pain or finding clothes that fit'
by markfitz June 17, 2013