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Influenza wouldn't dare go near that fucking piss whistle.
by themilkofothers March 31, 2016
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The penis, dick, or cock of a man. the pisswhistle can be played with the mouth, vagina, or anus.
Hey bitch, come play my pisswhistle!
by Benton Acker February 24, 2006
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Musical instrument from the same musical family as the 'Pink Oboe' or 'Bed Flute'.
Play us a tune on the old piss whistle Marjorie!

Pink Oboe Bed Flute Cock Penis Boaby
by effinG123 June 06, 2010
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A device that is used to prevent pissing the bed by emitting a beeping sound when piss touches it.
What the fuck is that beeping noise... oh that's just my brother's piss whistle.
by Jimmy's Bottle August 01, 2016
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