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A parasitic intestinal worm infection affecting a mere 200 million people worldwide, including a third of the USA. They can be diagnosed by surprising them at night with a flashlight, or by placing a sticky piece of cellophane tape against your rectum, as follows:

# Preparation
1. Clear Tape (e.g. Scotch Tape). Avoid Magic tape or Package Tape
2. Flashlight
3. Assistant to spread buttocks apart

# Timing of test
1. Perform immediately after awakening
2. Repeat test on 3 consecutive days

# Technique (performed by family at home)
1. Roll tape around 4 fingers of hand, sticky side out
2. While assistant spreads buttocks:
- Identify involved perianal area with flashlight
- Touch involved perianal area with tape 1-2 times
3. Place Tape on a slide with clean side down
4. Trim tape, label slide and bring to clinic

Rob: "She was hot but I wasn't so keen on going anal."
Jim: "OMGWTFBBQ, not so keen on going anal?!?!"
Rob: "Yeah, nice ass and all that, but I couldn't get past the whole pinworm thing"
Jim: "Hmmm... apart from that, how is your mum anyway?"
by shaggy-h January 16, 2006
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A person who is so low they will suck up to assholes.
Jason is lower than low and like a pinworm he sucks up to assholes.
by MeanJeana October 14, 2018
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