lil tiny pieces of shit that take over your asshole and live there
Sophia: Can i touch your butt?
Sam: Sorry, i have pinworms
by sophiaaltin July 15, 2017
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A parasitic intestinal worm infection affecting a mere 200 million people worldwide, including a third of the USA. They can be diagnosed by surprising them at night with a flashlight, or by placing a sticky piece of cellophane tape against your rectum, as follows:

# Preparation
1. Clear Tape (e.g. Scotch Tape). Avoid Magic tape or Package Tape
2. Flashlight
3. Assistant to spread buttocks apart

# Timing of test
1. Perform immediately after awakening
2. Repeat test on 3 consecutive days

# Technique (performed by family at home)
1. Roll tape around 4 fingers of hand, sticky side out
2. While assistant spreads buttocks:
- Identify involved perianal area with flashlight
- Touch involved perianal area with tape 1-2 times
3. Place Tape on a slide with clean side down
4. Trim tape, label slide and bring to clinic

Rob: "She was hot but I wasn't so keen on going anal."
Jim: "OMGWTFBBQ, not so keen on going anal?!?!"
Rob: "Yeah, nice ass and all that, but I couldn't get past the whole pinworm thing"
Jim: "Hmmm... apart from that, how is your mum anyway?"
by shaggy-h January 16, 2006
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Annoying little assholes that have a party in your asshole and make your asshole itch. I wonder, do I have them?
Person: My asshole itches, do I have pinworms?
Doctor: Yes.

Person: Such assholes.
by BruhMad333 August 5, 2021
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A person who is so low they will suck up to assholes.
Jason is lower than low and like a pinworm he sucks up to assholes.
by MeanJeana October 14, 2018
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Little pieces of shit that live in your intestine and the females make their way to your butthole and lay their fucking eggs around your ass at night. They will ruin you day with itchiness, and uncomfortable ness. They live in your butthole.
Bob: “Hey Sophie can I eat your ass?”
Sophie: “HELL NO! I got pinworms.”
by lil doggo ;-; November 26, 2019
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Little fuckers that live rent free in your asshole. The drive you insane.
Chad: “can I smack your ass?”
Sarah: “ Fuck no!! I got pinworms!”
by That bitch named bEcKy December 9, 2020
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When you disappear up someone's butt & only come out at night when they are asleep.
wheres Krissi? She's pinworming in her girlfriend again.
by Dolan duckening March 16, 2018
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