short or small, especially said of a person
This pint-sized nerd tried to offer me help with a phone I didn't have.
by The Return of Light Joker December 22, 2011
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Pronunciation: \ˈpīnt-ˌsīz\
Function: adjective

Adj. 1. pint-sized - well below average height
pint-size, runty, sawed-off, sawn-off
jargon, lingo, patois, argot, vernacular, slang for someone's woman
adjective (Informal) small, little, tiny, wee, pocket-sized, miniature, diminutive, midget, teeny-weeny, teensy-weensy, pygmy or pigmy
"she's so little she's pint sized"
by pint sized carolina June 19, 2009
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Not appealing unless being spoken about children,

pint size also is an insult of magnitude when used on or referring to Adults. and or adolescents.

unless being used humorously
That lady "pint size" I don't like that.

Look at your little "pint sized" self (referring and speaking to a child or a animal)
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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when you have sex with a very short man
Normal bro: Ever done the pint sized pepe with Danny Devito?
Stupid bro: what, no what does that mean the fuck get out of here you perve!
by joasede bariglow June 26, 2019
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A YouTuber that make videos about Minecraft and other stupid stuff
by DinoSord July 20, 2022
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