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If a man is pimpotent it means that he convinces himself he's a pimp when in reality he's just scared shitless to make an actual connection with a female. Because if he did that he might actually have to get to know somebody and in turn get to know himself. This boggles the mind of someone who is pimpotent because he creates his identity based on the most popular current stereotype. A male who is pimpotent is unoriginal, tired and essentially spineless. Because a "real man" wouldn't have to have his worthiness validated by the latest rap video (which are modern day minstrel shows) or by the newest created word to degrade women, like bitch, pussy, hoe, skank, slut, etc. (As you know this list goes on and on). If you are wondering how to spot a man that's pimpotent you need only identify him by the way he speaks. If you are an intellectual female who is attractive he generally cannot hold a conversation with you without bragging about himself. He also uses lots of words like, "Yea I've slept with mad bitches. I skeet all over their fucking faces. All these hoes are on my dick, etc." A male who is pimpotent must always bring attention to himself because if he doesn't he's terrified that people might actually forget that he is there. He is, to be frank, unremarkable, a dime a dozen, and completely ignorant of women’s worth and what it means to be a "real man". You could purchase his twin off a magazine rack or download his personality for free off of Limewire; AKA: you need not know this man, to know what he’s about. All that he is, is plain to the eye and ear.

This is the most encountered male in my experience. He can be found within any race, culture, etc.
If you overhere a guy saying this, "I'm a pimp. I pulled like three girls last night and I had them all licking my dick at the same time."
If you're a confident intellectual female holding a conversation with a guy that goes like this. "Well basically I have several girls you know? I like to keep my options open, and girls just can't seem to get enough of me"
If you're at a club and you notice that a guy knows all the words to every Lil John and Ying Yang Twins (prime examples of FAMOUS pimpotent men) song that plays in the club because he is enthusiastically singing along!
by Nambi April 06, 2005
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the act of being impotent at being a pimp
not being good at the art of pimping
Oh man that fool elbows is one pimpotent dude man, he aint got no skillz wit tha ladies
by fuzzy budz January 25, 2006
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