Rockin Lots Of Ice. Drivin Tight Whips.
Gettin Hoez. Gettin Money. Wearing Fly-ass Gear. Wearin Sweet Kicks.
Pimpin is alive , these niggas is jive , ive been stackin & mackin since 75. -big tymers
by Urban Dictionary November 8, 2003
a name given to ne body known as a pimp
"wus up pimpin"
by Kee Kee January 10, 2004
Pimpin' - Adjective
1. Cool.
Is that your ride?! Damn! That's a pimpin' whip!
by 3rd Degree Burns September 10, 2011
A person who recieves money from another person that has done some type of sexual deed to earn said money.

Example of one way to pimp.

I'm sitting in the alley way, Tina comes up to me. She says she going to see this guy and make $20 to suck his dick. She'll give me $5 for going with her. I go and while I'm there guy got angry and I had to protect her from him. End of story.... Tina made what she said I got my $5 and did what the job properly.

No telling what would have happened to Tina had I not of gone.!
I was pimpin tina
by Amber730 October 17, 2019
When comedians are doing their performance, they are trying to sell you their heart and soul in exchange for laughs.
Tough audience tonight. Pimpin ain’t easy.
by Kotacass May 21, 2022
keepin it real, smack a hoe, do wat u do, bein cool, handlin ur bitches, smokin dat cushie cushie, etc.
yo dat nigga ritchie keepin it pimpin, gettin all da hoes and shit
by ali a August 28, 2006
havin lots of friends, bein a mack daddy
Tiffany was pimpin them bitches at summer school.
by TIFFANY D June 29, 2004