The amusing/somewhat awkward chit chat after a satisfying round of bumpin uglies.
Pillow Talk consists of...
Women: discussing their issues...
Men: sleep.
by Minnestoa Eh? February 19, 2004
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Deep heartfelt words of union, spoken in bed. Sometimes nonsensical in the practical world but making perfect sense to the partners at this moment.
Three examples of pillow talk; "What the you did like, look like this when.....i remember when that got me way back then, when you really got me, the only place i wanna be." "you know i can't help it, when you look like this." " You're perfect with the way you are. The way you were at the party, the way you looked in that dress, I loved you so much." No, i never said this. i don't remember what i said. )
by Paul? could be. February 18, 2017
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When one is pretending one has a partner (normally fantasisical), in the bed with them and talks to the pillow. It is also used to describe when two people chat pointlessly before/after sex.
A: That was great weren't it?
B: Yeah, so what you doing tomorrow?
A: Dunno, you?
B: Same
by Sh|t June 21, 2004
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Talking to someone like a friend, family member, boo just anyone really while your laying your head down on a pillow
Last night me and Jamie had a great pillow talk convo about Ricky and kaitlyns relationship
by Black chicken August 01, 2013
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Refers to a pleasant conversation that you share with a buxom gal while your face is buried between her ample tits. Extra brownie-points if you remembered to "mow the lawn" right beforehand, so that the chest-sharing chick just feels satiny-smooth jowls in her cleavage rather than sandpapery raspies or prickly/tickly hairs; besides, freshly-shaved cheeks are ultra-sensitive, and so you get a "past heavenly" feeling from softly rubbing your face against a girl's "girls".
Horny dude: I love having pillow-talks with Tiffany; da only prob is that I usually doze off halfway through da conversation because her nice warm "pillows" super-relax me and make me drowsy, and so I end up just laying my head on her chest and falling asleep.
by QuacksO February 26, 2017
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Talking about pillows while usually laying on said pillows.
Person A Pillow Talk: "Mmmm these pillows are so soft"
Person B Pillow Talk: "Yes, I believe I too will lay my head on these pillows"
by Jake J June 04, 2006
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