Contrary to the top definition, Pillow Talk actually has two connotations.

The first connotation is the most thought of one. It's intimate talk with your romantic partner in bed, either before or after sex (but usually after). It is usually at this moment where all personal thoughts, desires and troubles are revealed in a candid tone. Those thoughts you've locked away during daytime are now front and center, completely transparent to your partner. Pillow talk can really be anything, it can be goofy or serious, but the main distinction is that everything spoken is 100% candid and true to themselves. No pretense, just you being you.

The second connotation is less restrictive and applies more generally. Here, Pillow Talk is referring to the intimate deep conversations between two or more people within a platonic relationship (e.g. friend, colleague). It often takes place in a location that stimulates bonding and conversation. For example, a literal sleepover with your friends can spur pillow talk, or a night out at a pub with your bros. Again, same meaning applies here. The conversations are usually very candid and lasts for hours, no pretense whatsoever.

Overall, pillow talk is a crucial component in relationships and its effect can be very therapeutic.
Example 1(A): During pillow talk, Amy revealed her troubled past with her abusive alcoholic father. His boyfriend consoled her and she felt a lot better.
Example 1(B): See any episode of two and a half men

Example 2: Jake and his buddies had a sleepover and they had a long pillow talk about anxiety and depression and seeked each other's help/advice.
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Pillow Talk takes place in bed, usually after sex.

Couples usually talk about what’s on their mind during pillow talk. It’s oftentimes an easy conversation about the events of the day or week, in a safe and comfortable space. Afterwards, you fall asleep.

Pillow Talk is a good thing.
Dear Diary,

Raul told me some of his concerns at work during pillow talk last night. I think he feels better about everything.
by ForestFairy January 30, 2020
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When a nigga tries to cockblock another nigga by telling the woman his true intentions.
Should I tell Nae that Quan just tryna hit it?
Nah bro. That’s pillow talk
by JuiceMan89 November 14, 2019
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The silly chats you have after having sex. generally a lot of nonsence but is a way of holding onto those amazing moment when you can be close to somebody!
i love having pillow talk, we can say anything and giggle
by spaner January 14, 2011
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Having a conversation with someone special after hours, sharing information that shouldn't have been shared or exchanging words that you don't necessarily mean, they were only shared because you were in the moment.
Him: I wanna marry you one day.
Her: Stop pillow talking me!
by Jassy5116 July 21, 2016
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Late night conversation between two bunk mates that can range from nonsensical to deeply philosophical.
My bunk mate and I enjoyed some pillow talk about the latest celebrity gossip before snoozing off.
by Sunday-scholar June 6, 2020
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The bummy bummy stimulation one gets from mounting the linen of life.

Pillowtalk originated from the pointless conversation couples had before/after sex. This has since elvolved to the stimulating vocal noise that erupts from ones mouth whilst enjoying a mounting session with the pillow itsself.
Person A: Alex makes love to his pillows
Person B: Mmmmmmmmmmmm Pillowtalk
by Pintonet June 20, 2004
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