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some cal-o scrub.
anyone else see that fragmart video?
by Crispulus March 31, 2004

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1. Annoying Canuck, 2. a person who will debate you for no reason whatsoever, and accuse your political beliefs as being wronf dispite not knowing what those may be, also total immature child, 3. total idiot
Heq will babble about nothing and claim that the Duke of Chou is god for no reason
by Crispulus October 02, 2003

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What during the 1960's to 1990's Volvo used as bodystyle.
dude, Crispy's car is total fucking Brick, looks like it, handles like it, accelerates like it, colored like it, and has the same structural integrity as it.
by Crispulus October 14, 2003

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very small DoD clan
anyone want to join PiK
by Crispulus October 16, 2003

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something very very very very very very very very very very VERY good
Crispy wants some hot Fel's boobs action
by Crispulus October 14, 2003

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A over blown 4 banger with great ponypower but no torque whatsoever...also will burn as much if not more petrol than a stock small blocl v8...
Nice 4 banger engine block...but it burns as much gas as a stock v8 without the torque...why own one?
by Crispulus October 15, 2003

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