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Fascist organization who think that anyone who is white is automatically better than everyone else, heres some of thier words form thier site.

To any members of the public who enter this site and really want to know more about the National Front and to the idiots who just come here to slag us off, read this:

If you believe that the present predicament of Britain now is justified because of our 'imperialist' past and that this is why we now face our nemesis, or if you just don't care, then read no further.

Many of you, we're sure, feel yourself well served by the government in this country. You vote in every election and consider yourselves to be free citizens in a free state.

The alliance of engineering and science has been triumphant and most of us are content with our standard of living, yet, on the other hand, many feel insecure despite their prosperity. We sense that bad times are ahead.

These days we are at the mercy of special interests: international capitalists, banks, media manipulators, corrupt politicians and racial minorities.

We are now all living in multi-ethnic 'civic societies'. Our cities seem to be drifting into a twilight world; we find ourselves living in societies whose 'leaders' fail to recognise ancient rights of exclusion.

Our unique cultural heritage is being destroyed and the precious asset of a common culture is already lost: We are heading towards a racial catastrophe and all the racial groups in this country will experience its bloody consequences.

Some accuse those of us who profess the doctrine of Nationalism of being 'anti-democratic', yet the same people who sling this accusation at us wish to deny us our democratic rights. They deny us access to all the usual channels of communication - TV, Radio, Newspapers; all retail outlets refuse to stock our literature; our telephones are tapped; the security forces continuously try to monitor us on our perfectly legal activities. In their 'democracy' you have to pay for your democratic rights: No money=no voice=no power. Their democracy is rule by the rich for the rich.

We will reinstate the values of separatism to our racial kindred. We will create a society where respectful values, once believed essential to sustain our civilisation's success, are no longer regarded as being 'old fashioned' and 'out of date'.

We advocate a mono-racial society: We live in a nation that is historically of the white race and we will stabilise our population by introducing a complete halt to all further immigration into our country. Coupled with this we will begin a programme that will result in the repatriation of all non-White people living here to their countries of ethnic origin. The only alternative to this policy is racial conflict, much to the detriment of the indigenous White population and the non-Whites currently residing here. Multiracialism is an unnatural fantasy that will never work and will only result in catastrophe. Our repatriation policy is the only realistic alternative to this scenario and will be to the benefit of Black and White alike.

Our economic policies are ones that will institute National Freedom and Social Justice. We will pass laws to ensure the widespread ownership of shops, factories and farms. We want family ownership, not the big production unit, to be characteristic of the economy. We do not recognise divisions of class; we merely demand a society where each citizen works alongside his fellow citizens for the betterment of all. Under a National Front government small private businesses along with workers' co-operatives will form the basis for most industrial ownership: This is REAL Socialism - neither Capitalism nor Marxism!

We are in the abyss now. If tragedy is not to follow, then common-sense must be re-discovered.

We hope that you agree with us. We do not have the backing of big business and the banks, we do not receive funds from the trade unions; but what we do have is the spirit of our ancestors that is still alive in every true Briton's heart.

If you feel as we do that Britain IS worth fighting for, join with us and give the traitors that have led us into this quandary their worst nightmare!

As you can see, these are crazed bigots who are pathetic enough so that the only way that they feel superior is through a KKK method of thinking, please dont be taken in by them, minoritys have enough to contend with without assholes like this.
It's proof of how bad society has gotten when groups like this are allowed to roam
by Cian February 03, 2005
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