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(N.) 1.A pink wigging animal that seems cute but is actually vicious and is known to eat humans when they fall into their pens

(N.) 2. A childs toe that people wiggle
1. Look at that Pink Piggie!
2. This little piggy went to the market.
by Lizzy_girl April 04, 2006
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Someone who is like your pinkie toe (piggie) and you will bang them on every piece of furniture in your house.
Babe, come over tonight, you're my piggie.
by Piggieee January 12, 2015
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an exclamatory phrase for someone or something extremeley adorable, cute and petite by actions or looks.
naman: ouch! I`v cut my finger..
swati: o u r such a piggie! Put some ice on it..!
naman: its hurting..
swati: Aww my baby..coochie piggie.. come to me !
by Swati Mehra August 27, 2008
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