6 definitions by Joseph Heston

Acronym for "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing". It refers to any component that does not have any function whatsoever. From "Star Trek" (the set designers labeled some pipes and conduits as "GNDN" as an inside joke).
by Joseph Heston July 15, 2006
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Another term for a religious war (especially when it involves any or all Abrahamic religions) because of the perception that the deity(ies) enjoy conflict.
The people of The Middle East and Northern Ireland do not realize that they are just pawns in a cosmic chess game.
by Joseph Heston April 23, 2009
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To insanely jack up the cost of an item that is necessary for living or the functionality of a mechanism.
That auto parts store shkrellied the spark plugs. They're $500.00/spark plug.
by Joseph Heston February 04, 2016
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I'm heading to the adult video store to rent some Disney flicks.
by Joseph Heston April 07, 2017
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To be shunned for speaking out against a certain Republican President who stole an election and starts wars for the fun of it.
Whoopi Goldberg has been Dixie-Chicked by Slim-Fast and Howard Stern has been Dixie-Chicked by Clear Channel.
by Joseph Heston July 21, 2004
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Honey, I am at the pig sty because the cops thought I was doing weed.
by Joseph Heston April 28, 2021
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