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A category of empire management strategy game, typically turn-based, that covers the four paradigms of eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation and eXtermination.
Some famous 4X games include: Civilization, Space Empires, and Rise of Nations.
by Abdul June 7, 2004
A person from Somalia who his or her ethnic group is Somali.
Somalis are a mix of africans , ancient egyptians and arabs.
Their language is Somali a cushitic language.
It is related to languages such as Hebrew , Arabic , Amhara , Berber.
A somali men , A somali girl , A somali leader.He speaks somali
by Abdul March 19, 2005
Same old stuff
Person 1: Whats up?
Person 2: nm, sos
by Abdul February 2, 2004
The pigs arrested my brother and he's in the pig sty.
by Abdul April 17, 2003