"I got completely pie eyed last night and hooked up with a total mutt."
by TheRoss July 20, 2006
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when you've smoked so much weed, that your eyes are all squinty and look like mini slices of pies!
Dude, lets hit the bong and get pie eyed!
by T-Bags November 21, 2006
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to be pissed, originated from pi**ed, which could almost be pronounced (pie eyed)
"i was completely pie eyed!"
by yogi May 25, 2004
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pie-eyed means to be intoxicated, derives it's name from the dialated pupils that people get on certain substances, pupils as wide as pies, in the hippy "jam band" scene being pie-eyed usually refers to being intoxicated on lsd, mushrooms, ecstacy, molly, or char
Jimmy took a hand full of mushrooms and a hit of Molly and a half hour later was pie-eyed like a mofo
by inthegroove July 23, 2009
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A drunken hysterical sensation due to eating too many pies.
"Hey bro, what's up with the uncontrollable laughter"

"Sorry bro, I'm just drunk off pie, had pie for breakfast, pie for lunch, pie for dinner and even pie for supper. I'm all pie eyed bro!"
by Pie belly February 17, 2014
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A term used to describe how amazingly stoned you feel. With Pukka pies being a 'baked' product, pukka meaning exceptionally strong and prime cannabis and pie-eyed being the way someone severely stoned's eyes look.
"ahh dude did you see me last night? I was totally pukka pie-eyed.. Could'nt even talk properly"
by tiffany snoop dogg July 03, 2013
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