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Locking someone in your closet and bludgeoning them with a pickaxe, gaining sexual pleasure every time you hit them.
Erin pickaxed Dan until she was completely spent.
by Dirty Dan0 January 19, 2005
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Pick axing is a sex stunt in which a man straps a strap on dildo to the side of his body opposite his penis. (I woman would need two strap ons to perform the pick ax) Then, two other people position their sex holes (Ass hole, vagina, or mouth) on opposite sides of the 'Miner,' as he or she rocks back and forth, pushing the strap on and penis (or, in a woman's case, the other strap on) in and out of the sex holes, like a swinging pick ax.
“So what did you do last night after the party?
Oh, I meet these two hot sisters, and we went Pick Axing back at my apartment.”
by Period_five_lunch_FTW November 15, 2010
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