A type of kick-ass truck that is really awesome. These types of trucks are often sung about in country songs.
Man, did you see Dave and his new pick up truck? It is hot!
by RandomChick00 September 01, 2008
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-1 to shout out in jamaican
1 to get some shit
2 understanding
3 a delivery
4 and ofcourse to pick something off the ground
well there u have it i win. i have the most real defintitions
by PISAN January 18, 2005
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In competitive forensics, to pick up means to win a round.
Dharshan: I heard you won the last round?
Ben: Yeah, I picked up.
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
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To kiss someone, using tongue.
'Last night I picked up with Amy'
'Me and Amy are gonna pick up tonight'
by dontbesilly,wrapyourwilly. March 21, 2008
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'Pick Up' is a beautiful phrase with various meanings.

The ones most often used are to successfully score with a girl via some line or to get drugs.

In this version, it means to generally do good. If someone needs to get something done fast, they need to Pick Up, or if they say they're going to talk to someone they fancy and that person comes along then they need to Pick Up. More or less it means to just get something done.
Guy #1: So I was thinking about speaking to this girl.
Guy #2: She's right there, pick up.

Girl #1: I only have one more day until this assignment is due in and it isn't done yet!
Girl #2: Pick up!

by Fucking Brah October 27, 2011
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werds used to pickup hoes
I used da pickups "Did you wash dem pantz wif windex, cause I can sees mysef in dem".
by j74 November 17, 2006
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Basically a friend with benefits character. One who is easily picked up then used for sex or other physical/sexual stuff. BAD TO BE CALLED BY BEST FRIENDS MOMS!!!
Katrina is such a pick-up. She fools around with anyone with a name and favorite color.
by Katrina Ramirez June 22, 2005
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