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Disproportionately thick calves and/or ankles on a woman with otherwise normal body weight.
No wonder Hillary Clinton always wears pant suits. She's got a humongous set of piano legs.
by A.K. Smith June 18, 2006
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A woman with very thin legs. In old days, it was a sign of coming from a poor family, with not much food available.
She has such piano legs. Her family should feed her more.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005
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Piano legs is used when a girl is wearing a black dress skirt or shorts and has ghostly white legs !
" her legs are so white they look like the keys on a piano "

Girl waking down the street ...

two guys across the road...*whistle* hey piano legs

girl runs away to the nearest tanning salon in shame !
by peperami87 November 16, 2009
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When you are exercising hard and your legs starts shaking fast & you can't stop it - like when rock-climbing.

"I had to stop on that ledge climbing that wall I had piano leg so bad I couldn't go on"
by isisaeon April 24, 2009
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