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This term is used to people who are extremley good looking and know it !where looks take over personality which causes them to not care about peoples feelings and strut about all day long looking "in love " with themselfs.
Group of girls standing in a crowd with someone with the disease !

Group - chatting away having fun and laughing etc
Girl with p/d- standing and looking around to see who is looking at her

Basicly someone with looks but as much personality as a cardboard box !

Look at her shes got pretty disease!
by peperami87 November 16, 2009

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The term used for someone who has loose skin underneith their eyes or more commonly used for some one who is extremley tired and looks like crap. Refering to the droop or sag or a pair of dogs testicles.
God ive been working so hard today my "eyes are like dogs balls"!

"Myra was so old her eyes were begining to look like dogs balls "

"archibald was so tired from hoomfing his wife the night before his eyes were like dogs balls "

Micheal looks in the mirror and sais to his cousin ive got "eyes like dogs balls"
by peperami87 November 17, 2009

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Piano legs is used when a girl is wearing a black dress skirt or shorts and has ghostly white legs !
" her legs are so white they look like the keys on a piano "

Girl waking down the street ...

two guys across the road...*whistle* hey piano legs

girl runs away to the nearest tanning salon in shame !
by peperami87 November 16, 2009

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