a viscous gaseous secretion marked by it's distinctive sound.
Angelina: I just got a brazilian. Do you want to go down on me after the movie?

Bob: No doubt!

Angelina: ***php***...oops, I think I shit myself. (blushes)

Bob: (calculating)'bout how much, give or take a spoonful?
by Quotidian March 17, 2008
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Pretty Huge Penis

contrary to:


Pretty Small Penis
Wow, do I ever have a php!
by anthony125 December 30, 2005
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Personal Hottie Protector

If you think that talking about PHP will get you anywhere with women then you are sorely mistaken. Anyone who knows the actual meaning or history behind this web language automatically falls into the geek category and is thereby passed up by any hotties in the vicinity.

Many men who use PHP do it unknowingly while trying to appear smart or web savvy. However, there are those who use it on purpose because they don't want to be distracted from their game of World of Warcraft.
I see that you chose to use HTML on your website even though PHP is far superior.
by Spy Frauline January 23, 2008
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Commonly referred to as the Perl for n00bs. Learn a REAL language...
print "PHP sucks... hard..."
by perlboy February 02, 2003
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Hypertext Preprocessor.
(Earlier Personal Home Page.)

A modern high-level server-side scripting language for the HTTP protocol (CGI.) An alternative to ASP, Perl, Python, TCL, etc.

PHP is claimed to be installed on 20% of the domains on the Internet, including the webserver that hosts urbandictionary.com. The engine that keeps track of all the words and definitions is written in PHP. See www.php.net for more information.
Hello World in PHP:
<?php echo "Hello World!"; ?>
by zacon November 29, 2003
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