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phone sex operator generally wieghing over 350 puonds and covered in hair pimples and various other liesions and infections with 5 to 8 kids by different fathers all in prison usually takes calls at home from thier trailer
i was bored one night and called a phonebitch who sounded hot but much to my surprise she had 7 kids zits and wieghed over 400 pounds
by waldenfire14 March 10, 2010
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Someone who will only talk bad to you over the phone rather than in person
She a real phone bitch she likes to talk a lot of shit on the phone but won’t do anything in person
by Lathenf April 24, 2018
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the person who you give your phone and/or other belongings to when you want to mosh/dance at a gig. usually has zip pockets.
before i gorilla dance and floorpunch i better give my shit to the phone bitch!
by jesusx August 23, 2005
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