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when one calls someone, and jerks off during a phone conversation without the other person knowing.
this guy (claiming to be a telemarketer) talked to me for about 15 minutes, only to reveal he was phone raping me.
by GILIITCIH December 01, 2003
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verb. the act of randomly touching stuff on the touchscreen of someone's phone so that in messes up whatever they were doing.
I was playing Angry Birds when suddenly James phone raped me and made me lose.
by bookwork696969 March 20, 2011
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When a seemingly normal guy/girl is on the phone with you and proceeds to have phone sex with you when you don't want it, narrating both sides, so you have no choice but to listen in total awe.
Bob: I was on the phone with this chick last night, and we were having a pretty normal conversation, then she phone raped me, I haven't been the same ever since.
Friend: I warned you about her.
by TEH BOB ZORD December 23, 2008
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When someone calls or texts you without your permission. They have violated your ears and have forced their conversation upon you. It's usually someone you don't want to be in contact with like an annoying co-worker, former friend or just some moron you know.
The girl text the guy so many times, the guy screamed out "PHONERAPE!" He was never the same again and went into the corner crying while holding himself.
by lolz09 January 25, 2009
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when someone unwillingly and reluctantly gives someone else their phone number because they were forced to agressively, they were emotionally manipulated or they felt sorry for them.
guy: i got this girl's number!!!
mate: you blatently phone raped her.
by 2up2down:) August 03, 2010
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When one person in a phone conversation persistently keeps trying to have phone sex with you without your consent.
Sam- "I want to **** your **** so bad right now."
Helga- "I'm tired and need to study."
Sam- "I just want to ***** your ***** for ***** and ******."
Helga- "Stop before you phone rape me..."
by Monica Clinton Obama May 12, 2010
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