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Obsessive fans of the Jonas Brothers, a popular music group backed by Disney. Jonas hoes often, though not always, want to sleep with and corrupt the Jonas Brothers (a.k.a. the Jonas Bros).

Often are very amusing to watch.
#1: Oh my God! Stephanie is such a slut! She is trying to sleep with Nick Jonas! What a Jonas Hoe.

#2: The crowd of Jonas Hoes almost tried to eat Joe Jonas alive!

by zoeyainthowuspellit August 20, 2008
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little 8-13 year old girls who wear slutty outfits together and hang out in cliques, hoping to draw the attention of boys. sometimes works.
Nora: Hey did you see those sesame streetwalkers?

Greg: Yeah, the blonde one is super hot!

Nora: Um, she's 11.

by zoeyainthowuspellit August 26, 2007
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When something is aimed at homosexuals, or is homosexual in nature.
Damm, that bitch sure wasn't homo-friendly towards that gay couple.
by zoeyainthowuspellit April 11, 2007
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The gangsta way of saying Auckland, New Zealand.
I mad mad dough hustlin in Aucks.
by zoeyainthowuspellit October 04, 2007
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A girl who constantly announces her desire to go to the Warped Tour. If said girl has already gone to Warped, she will post 3,000+ pictures of herself and various bands on her Facebook and/or MySpace.

A warped whore is generally 15 and under, and usually about 5'2" with a big mouth and "punk rawk" clothes from Hot Topic.]
Alyse is the biggest warped whore I've ever met.

Man, did you see those skanky warped whores?
by zoeyainthowuspellit July 18, 2009
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1. When someone is afraid of the police.
2. When something is police-fearing in nature.
Brotha Fred sure is a popo-phobe!

That movie about people in the hood sure was popo-phobic.
by zoeyainthowuspellit April 13, 2007
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The collection of mental images a woman uses of attractive men (or women, depending on the woman in question's sexual orientation) for masturbatory purposes.

Plainly speaking, it's the female equivalent of a spank bank.
Damn that guy is hot, he is soooooo going in my rub tub.
by zoeyainthowuspellit November 11, 2007
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