The period of time after masturbation when you completely lose your sex drive. You don't ever want to masturbate again and you're tired of porn. Lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to a week.
by MoonKnight March 9, 2003
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The time right after masterbation when you dont want to masterbate anymore. you think you are foolish for doing it and you wanna turn your porn off. it usually doesnt last long.
by XfantomcatX April 18, 2003
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after effects is a popular editing software that alot of editors use, it is paid but some people get it for free.
@aftereffects is also a person on tiktok that edits using the software and posts their edits on their account.
person1: what do all of these editors even use to edit?
person2: most of them use aftereffects.
by soggy nugget December 22, 2020
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