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BWWM is a relationship that means 'Black Woman White Man'.
I'm black. I like white boys. Bloop. There ya' go. BWWM.
by imjustmental June 16, 2014
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a relationship with a black women and white man. A couple who usually don't give a fuck about race when it comes to being attracted to somebody
Amina & Josh are in a Bwwm relationship. And they don't care what people say.
* Amina is a black women & Josh is a white man.
by YøøDontFyckWithMe April 15, 2015
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Bwwm stands for black woman white man. A popular word used for black girls in a relationship with white men.

Search it on tumblr and you'll find several photos of white guys making out with black chicks.
White guy: Hey darling, you're looking Gorgeous as usual. <3
Black girl: Aww thanks darling. I love you!
White guy: I love you too. :)
Black girl: Let's post a photo of us on the bwwm page.
by Klassikal November 15, 2014
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