Post Hamilton Depression: Feeling depressed or upset after watching/listening to Hamilton
I've got such a bad case of PHD today
by AMessageFromTheKing March 06, 2018
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You’re pussy handling degree! You can handle any pussy, anytime, anywhere!
Guy: I have my PhD!
Girl: what’s a PhD?
Guy: my pussy handling degree!

Girl: How’d you earn that?

Guy: Not in school, I could tell you that!
by Jujubu November 24, 2017
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Pubic. Hair. Diploma.

When you realize it’s 2019 and pubic hair is totally in.
That girl has her PHD. She is rocking the bush.
by Crazyteacher2019 June 06, 2019
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Ryan has a PhD, I saw it last night when we both went to pee together. I glanced over at his PhD and couldn't stop staring. It was beautiful.
by Nukkin October 03, 2019
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