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Female with a nice rounded buttocks
The female you was with in the club had a phatass.
by louie July 15, 2003
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a booty that's in a ratio of at least 5:3 to the waist, well rounded, juisy and jeans-filling. has a bounce on it too
daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, she got a phat assssssss
by Danger Mouse_1 May 01, 2006
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The perfect ass. The ass that an ass man would only dream of. The requirements for a phat ass are as follows: it must be firm enough not to be sloppy, it must be very round, it must exceed the waistline by at least 3 inches, and its owner must let you experience it.
Sam: Whoa look at that phat ass on that girl
Matt: Damn, id like to cut me a piece of that pie
Bogart: Me like asshole
Sam: No Bogart, its the ass we like, not the asshole
Matt: Whats wrong with you Bogart
Bogart: Me like the asshole!
by cohencock November 18, 2009
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girl must have a thin waist, then have a round full booty, which has to have a bounce when she walks
Damn bro, did you hit Amber's phat ass last night?
Hell yeah, she couldn't walk after that
by Mike1234 September 25, 2006
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a girl that has a nice round soft ass that i love 2 squeeze and it bounces when she walks but it isn't sloppy
Damn!she got a phat ass
by Lil Red AKA Cherry October 19, 2007
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