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A type of soft drink or cola served at Asian dining facilities.
I could not understand the drink options given by my waitress at the Chinese restaurant, so I ordered a pezzi, and hoped for the best.
by dubyabee April 05, 2011
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A word exchanged between young Italian men in recognition of their own self-proclaimed swagger. Often used in the phrase "battare i pezzi", which literally means "beat the pieces", talking about going out and picking up chicks. Italians will say this to each other because they think they're cool but they're really just mama's boys that wear sweatpants, listen to Michael Jackson, and love tractors.
Edoardo: Ehhhh pezzi.
Andrea: Pezzi!!!
Onlooker: Pensano che sono fichi ma non sono fichi...

Andrea: Vuoi uscire e battare i pezzi alla piscina stasera??
Edoardo: Noooo, andiamo a Mr. Kat, ha piu swagger e piu pezzi.
Andrea: Si, daje!
Onlooker: La madonna mia...
by Allora12345 June 11, 2013
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