Boys or men are petticoated or forced to wear hair bows, panties, petticoats, or other frilly or sissy clothing as a disciplinary measure.
When he continued flipping up girls' skirts at school in spite of being disciplined by the principal, it was recommended he be petticoated at home until he learned to behave.
by Garielle June 29, 2006
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When a boy is dressed in girl clothes (usually very frilly and formal) as punishment. It is usually because the boy is so unruly that no other discipline works.
When Ryan kept flipping the girls' skirts up, his mom took action and petticoated him. Now us girls all laugh at his pretty pink outfit and take pleasure in flipping his skirt up!
by super hot Sarah May 17, 2010
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When grown men with saggy pants are running for a bus or train and they have to daintily hold up said pants like a Victorian lady in a ball gown. Added amusement when the trip and eat it.
He fell and knocked out a tooth petticoating for the train.
by RedZed July 10, 2014
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