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Describing something done half-assed on the spur of the moment.
A flimsical potluck at the office left everyone standing with a plate of 3 kinds of potato chips .
by RedZed October 27, 2016
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When grown men with saggy pants are running for a bus or train and they have to daintily hold up said pants like a Victorian lady in a ball gown. Added amusement when the trip and eat it.
He fell and knocked out a tooth petticoating for the train.
by RedZed July 10, 2014
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Verb: To blatantly copy someone elses work, usually through the medium of pushing plasticine into moulds.
"The cheeky bastard Scibored my minatures!"
"Those fuckwits'll buy any old Scibored shite...."
by RedZed May 12, 2006
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