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The part of a woman's abdoman that pooches out over her vaginal area after middle age or after she's experienced childbirth. (See also "vagomach")
Martha's peter belly hung so low it made it hard for her husband to find her tunnel of love.
by Jay E. Griffin April 01, 2008
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The name given to the protruding ponch on a woman who has taken too much peter in her life.
by Jeckel February 07, 2007
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Small, potruding gut on a woman. Also seeglunt.
"That dancer has a little peterbelly on her. It's kinda cute."
by pro-nun-see-A-shun December 15, 2003
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A woman's swollen lower belly from repeated sex with a man with a huge penis.
Susan's always had a nice figure, but since she met that guy her lower tummy has gotten big, hes obviously banging her really good with a big penis because she has a peter belly now.
by Senator Bill June 25, 2018
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