A small valve or faucet used to drain or reduce pressure, as from a boiler or radiator.
Before you remove that radiator, open the petcock and let it drain.
by Reaper October 13, 2003
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To stroke the cock with a petting motion. This is typically done to make the cock stand alert.
That bitch was trying to get my attention so she pulled the ole petcock and I stood at attention immediately.
by Estes June 24, 2011
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the cock of a pet
but its word is self explanitory
"mannn mai dogs petcock is pimpen all the dogs in the neighborhood"
by teddybangcock laulea May 04, 2006
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The sexual act, where two homosexuals use their pet rooster to pleasure each other.
Hey, have you guys tried the petcock? It's great
by Anal_thruster December 21, 2017
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