6 definitions by Reaper

Complete toss pot that used to be the leader of *LuNa*
You're a complete wanker
that can be said like this:
You're a White Lion
by Reaper July 26, 2003
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a total jackass that does stupid shit for little reason; sometimes jacks off on others; calls self turkey; maybe suffering from mental problems/ skitzofrenia; has a ghala
1: haha u pulled a nawfal
2:err that was nawfal
3: dude r u ok?? my nawfal senses are tingling
by Reaper December 25, 2003
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A small valve or faucet used to drain or reduce pressure, as from a boiler or radiator.
Before you remove that radiator, open the petcock and let it drain.
by Reaper October 13, 2003
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1. A dumb-ass, typically a male. Often used in jest between friends.
2. A term of affection used to describe someone.
1. You bafankulo, I told you that would happen!
2. My little bafankulo nephew was here yesterday...
by Reaper June 17, 2003
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"Sorry Mip Hold On"....What We're You Doing? Miping....Ok
by Reaper June 16, 2006
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Slang. An occurrence or statement that results in extreme displeasure; derived from the pain a male mammal endures after being struck in the gonads.
"Did you hear about what happened to Steve? That must have been a kick in the nuts."
by Reaper July 06, 2004
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