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Clan of pimps known for their cocktual prowess. They are hung like donkeys and they fuck like lumberjacks. The best known Estes is John Curtis Estes aka "John Holmes". Many a bitch been fucked by an Estes and they all tell their friends.
All the girls wanted to fuck him cause they knew he was an Estes.
by Estes May 05, 2011

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When you are banging some bitch from behind and your cock slips out and skids against some nonvaginal part.
Dude I was just hitting that ass and I got carried away and cock skidded her ass.
by Estes September 24, 2011

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Some one who is either too rude or who thinks they are too busy to hang up the phone while they are taking a shit. Normally a YUPPY who drives a foreign car.
I was in taking a leak and some shitter talker was planning to meet his "bud" for drinks while he was dropping the cosby kids off at the pool.

I went in to the men's room to get rid of some beer and some shitter talker was giving an update while he was sitting on the comode.

Would that shitter talker shut up? I can't here myself piss.
by Estes September 24, 2011

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To stroke the cock with a petting motion. This is typically done to make the cock stand alert.
That bitch was trying to get my attention so she pulled the ole petcock and I stood at attention immediately.
by Estes June 24, 2011

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