When a women gives a man a handjob, ending load in her hand. She then slaps the semen into the mans taint. Then proceeds to lick it out.
Lisa: Stan, can I give you a Handjob?

Stan: Only if you catch the semen, slap my taint, and eat it?

Lisa: Where I'm from we call that a Peruvian Cheesecake.
by Carpetmuncher. October 09, 2013
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A beautiful, strong willed,determined, hard working Peruvian woman.
Look at Monique, she is such a Peruvian Princess. That beauty works so hard.
by El Gringo 88 February 10, 2012
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The act of having a person of Peruvian decent poop into your eyeball whilst playing the pan-flute. The receiver Ideally reaching climax as the the last bit of light is snuffed out by the turd.
I got pink eye from that Peruvian Sunset last night but hey, i think she likes me.
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cocaine, only the purest snow
yo whitey, you want some of this peruvian snowflake? Real good stuff, melts at like 180 degrees.
by J C February 03, 2004
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You invite a whole group of Peruvians to a party, telling them it is at 6 in the evening, and they will start showing up at 9.
Why are you late to my fiesta? Peruvian Time.
by stef*nix December 08, 2018
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Fat harvested from tourists by Peruvian jungle gangs to be sold on the black market for cosmetic products. Allegedly goes for 60k a liter.
How do you keep you skin to look so youthful?
I only wash my body with authentic Peruvian murderfat.
by [COD] The Shiv November 20, 2009
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when you´re having sex with a really tall and big girl, you try to put your head in her pussy or against it while she stands, therefore her legs fall to the sides of your head, kinda like a peruvian hat.
helga gave me a peruvian hat the other day.
by VENOXX June 03, 2009
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