In Puerto Rico the word "perreo" is referred to the way reggaeton music is danced. It's one way we call this type of dance. Its can be danced in many ways the most used ones are face to face or the guy behind the girl.Like many other dances it can be danced close together or with some space that is often the girls decision.
"A mi me gusta el perreo" "Vamos a perriar"
by Luis April 20, 2004
A way of dancing reggae that is almost like fucking.
like when a gurl and a guy are dancing and the girl and the boy are grinding each other.
by la gatita October 6, 2003
when a big az booty rubs on yo d**k and dance's asta vaho,
that makes u a bellaqo
by willie pavon September 19, 2003
when a gurl and a guy are dacing and the girl dont even see the face of the guy ,cuz she is moving her asss to the private part of yo!
like doing sex
by lucero September 25, 2003
In Puerto Rico, we call "perreo" the rap dance.
"A mi me gusta el 'perreo'"
by Rafa March 10, 2003
when two people are doing it doggy style.
the girl is faceing the front and the guy is faceing his front to her back close together.
by peh-rreh-oh May 8, 2003