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When it’s that time of the month for lady’s and you get cramps that feel like somebody is kicking you in the freakin stomach repeatedly and you don’t want to do anything because your in so much pain because Mother Nature decide to give women periods and not men and if even one man says “is it that time of the month again” you want to kick him repeatedly
I have period cramps so if I leave you unread that’s why
by Thepig04 June 27, 2018
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When your on your "period"those sharp pains in your lower belly. and hurts like hell!!
Skylar: "Can I have some advil"?
Meghan: "Period cramps"?
Skylar; yes!
by ForeverYoung97 October 09, 2013
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The pain caused by the contractions the uterus undergoes during the menstrual period.

Males- while you may get unexplained erections on occasion, it is not comparable to period cramps. Period cramps are an experience (that often feels like death itself) that many women suffer through for several days each month.
Keep this in mind for future endeavors.
While undergoing period cramps, Susan was unable to move from her bed because the pain she felt was debilitating.
by Mistlebone March 01, 2017
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