a ziggy cat that gave its monopausal vag a brazillian
Ziggy the cat gets his vax tomorrow
by Dad911 February 19, 2021
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When you have received a vaccination you are / have been vaxed
I better see you guys vaxed up so we can party soon
by Jflo2000 March 16, 2021
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Being made very attractive and/or sexy by way of becoming immune to coronavirus.
I thought she was campy but now she's vaxxed and I'm nosedive-crushing.

Imma post a photo of mine getting vaxxed on Tinder.

Incel + Pfizer = vaxxed = Chad
by Luther Blisss February 24, 2021
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As soon as all the teachers got the vax, we can all go back to school 4 days a week.

People who flex that they got the vax before me every single damn second of my life are the reason why my kill count is so high.

My parents are both physicians so they got the vax before everyone else.

That really jumped the shark, well at least I have the vax.

Only God knows when the war between the vax & the anti-vax will finally end.
by HE :) WHO WRITES April 18, 2021
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The state of a person or thing being completely ready, fully vetted, and approved for use or action.

Origin: Referencing when a person receives a vaccination that they are now ready to fight off a virus, such as COVID-19.
Chris: Hey, is the car ready for the road trip?
Daniel: Yea, it’s vaxed. I just got the oil changed yesterday.

Chris: How do you feel about your presentation for the leadership group?
Nick: I’m nervous, but my slides are vaxed, so I should be good.
Chris: Bet.
by steepbros April 9, 2021
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To have sex. Originated from a scene in Van Wilder in which Kal Penn says "vax it, vax it". It sounds the best when said exactly how Kal Penn says it in the movie. Just like the word "fuck" it can also be used in various situations where it does not necessarily have to do with having sex.
I got vaxed.

Did you guys vax last night?
I havent vaxed in a while.

I wanna vax you right now.

Lets go to the club and vax!

Imma vax all you foos if you dont stop laughing.
by osutingting May 2, 2010
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Received the Covid 19 vaccination and ready to party.
Shane is vaxed and ready to party tonight! Bring the condom and leave the mask at home, brah.
by BearofRobin April 7, 2021
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