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WHAT: A pointless event characterized by loud, slutty cheerleaders yelling at you to support your school's team, General insanity, a bunch of jocks acting like assholes yelling to you about how they'll kick the other team's ass when in the end they get their asses handed to them on a silver plate, loud and eardrum-rupturing techno/motivational music

WHEN: Scheduled by the principal or whenever your team has a game

WHY: Motivation(?), To be a complete waste of time

What to do in this situation: Skip/ditch the pep rally entirely, attend and fall asleep, ask to use the facilities and don't return, visit the Christian cult at the back of your school (yes, there's a Christian cult at the back of your school)
Joe: Well fuck me with a yard stick! There's a goddamned pep rally today!!

Chris: WTF?! dude that sucks mega balls!

Joe: Wanna ditch and play Halo?

Chris: Is there a reason I would remain at this gay pep rally?

Joe: Good point :|
by MegadethFan345 December 11, 2010
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An event where students go to "support" a school team (usually the football team) that probably sucks and show "school spirit", even if the school has low SAT scores, bad drug problems, etc.. Most of the time, pep rallies are mandatory and are very loud. They are hated by emos, goths, mostly everyone in general, and are loved by preps.

My school was going to have a pep rally today, so I stayed home.
by Peaches, The Dark Lord January 21, 2006
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An utterly pointless gathering (often of High School students) in which the participants scream and shout until their vocal cords are scarred,for the purpose of "supporting the team." It is an attempt to make people happy about the backwards, stone age social system that still permeates our society, in which the biggest and strongest still remain on top, whilst those that have even the barest hint of intellect (read: nerd, geek, emo) are kept in the lower echelons in spite of the fact that it is them that drive society forward.
douche bag: Dude, there's a pep rally today. Let's show school spirit

intelligent person: no... i'd rather not support a social system that went out of date back when humans invented agriculture.

douche bag: what did he say?
by Sciencenut1 August 11, 2011
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1. a gathering of students before a game.
2. an excuse to miss an hour of school.
3. a way to force kids to have school spirit.
I was forced to attend pep rally.
by S October 15, 2004
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A loud, idiotic event that is held to make members of a school team feel special about themselves when in truth they are no more important than any other student. They are an attempt at forcibly getting sane students (who are considered emos) to show school spirit, and are only enjoyed by idiotic students, which is generally most of the school.
I felt like shooting myself at the pep rally.
by Prof. Goldman February 18, 2010
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'The pep rally is a place for pseudo-prostitutes to provoke men into a sexual frenzy which, when thwarted, results in pointless athletic competition.'
- Sunnydale High Newspaper, BtVS (Season 3: 'Earshot')

(at the Pep Rally)
Edgar: Whoa! That cheerleader is totally booty shaking!
Bob: She's totally working me into a sexual frenzy!
(moments later)
Edgar: My sexual advances were thwarted.
Bob: Mine as well.
Edgar: Want to play some ball?
Bob: Fo' sho'.
by Andii_xoxo February 11, 2009
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The feeling you get after you leave a pep rally, after having so much fun and being so hyped up.. to sit there on the boring bus and ponder life realizing that all that fun is over. and you're on the bus.

Pep rally can be used to describe that feeling in any number of situations where things generally suck after being hyped up,
Taking a nap only meant to last, say, 30 minutes at around 7pm and waking up at 2am. "wow! that's so pep rally"
by carlangaskr September 01, 2010
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