a phrase made famous by Randy Marsh of South Park, when he was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. The clue was "people who annoy you" and the screen read "N_GGERS". In a fit of excitment, Randy belted out "niggers!!!", however, to his surprise, the answer was actually "naggers".
Hey, there's that nigger guy Randy! He thinks that niggers are people who annoy you.
by JackBauer133 December 3, 2009
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A phrase becoming increasing associated with black people, 100% down to Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Superflymacdaddy; 'Do you know any people who annoy you?'

Joe; 'That genuine chocolate face guy does, he really grinds my gears. In fact im going to tell him next time i see him.'
by alza September 7, 2009
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National Bite People Who Annoy You Day
Date: August 30th
Country Of Origin: Facebook
Observing Countries: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

August 30th each year is National Bite People Who Annoy You Day. This holiday was created on Social media & in no way excludes biters from legal prosecution. Unless said biter is able to convince said biten to not contact law enforcement.
Coincidentally this holiday falls 1 day before Love Litigation Lawer Day on the last day of August, though no connection between the holidays is recorded.
Observatory is not mandatory & is fairly self-explanatory but may be observed purely within your own head for safety reasons
"Hey why'd you bite me?"
"You were being annoying."
"That doesn't make it okay. I'm calling the cops."
"Whoa, hold on, it's National Bite People Who Annoy You Day, I'm just observing the holiday."
"Oh, sorry for being annoying, my bad"
by LostOnTheLine August 20, 2016
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