The act of grabbing your dick and squeezing it as hard as you can. Also known as Lemon Squeeze.
God dammit Katelyn, now I'm going to have to penis torture.
by Niggaboo Nones November 1, 2015
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the act of slapping a girl's forhead repeatedly with your erect penis.
HER: i want a facial, and then some chinese penis torture
ME: sure! :)
by cv3 July 24, 2006
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When a biological male is tortured by stripping him naked, handcuffing his arms and legs behind his back, forcing him into a headgear that holds his head back, and injecting viagra into his veins. When he becomes erect, the penis is fastened to his stomach and groin so that it is fixed exactly perpendicular to his stomach. His handcuffs are secured to a hook on the end of a rope that is attached to the ceiling so that he hangs perpendicular to the ceiling. The rope is cut and the man falls directly onto his penis, causing it to break and become absolutely mangled.
I can’t believe he cheated on me! I’m gonna call randy to kidnap that cunt and perform broken penis torture on him. I know method #4 is one of the more expensive options but it’s worth. I think broken penis torture method #4 will teach this cunt trashcan cheating jar of horsecum fucker a lesson!
by faglord69xdxd December 21, 2021
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