A term that refers to a circumcised penis with a head that’s substantially smaller than the shaft, therefore resembling a "penguin."
"penguin dick.. the worst!! "

"yah him and his penguin dick tried to waddle into my vagina... i was havin NO part of that!"
by Whatshername. January 14, 2010
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Penguin dick is the most yummy thing to eat.
"Oh i had some great penguin dick with pengu last night!"
"Oh i can relate~"
by Ima.retarded.fuck?YU April 27, 2021
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Norwegian Penguins with an unsatisfying lust for dicks. They lure their prey into igloos and then proceed to remove the prey's dick via axe, sword, knives etc.
They live in a strict monarchy following a female leader with the title: Queen of the Dick Penguins. Their current leader is "Siril, first of her name" and her preferred weapon her trusty chainsaw.
George was sacrificed to the Dick Penguins and therefore had to die a virgin.

If you find a dickless tourist, he probably went to Norway and encountered some Dick Penguins.
by PenguinloverXXX December 2, 2016
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