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Someone who either:
1. Has a neck as thin as a pencil. Is used as an insult on anyone though.
2. Is a pussy. You know, lack's bravery, courage and shit.
1. "Check out that Pencil Neck."
"Hey Pencil Neck, pass tha bong."
2. "Just jump! Ah' ya fucken Pencil Neck!"
by Diego August 25, 2003
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1. a weak and timid person

2. a studious person
We have no place for a pencil neck like you.
by Light Joker January 21, 2006
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One who works in an office doing a hum-drum type job. Typical examples: Anyone who works in IT, accountants and people in supply departments.

Kings of all pencil Necks? Actuaries.
Office Chick: "I need a toner for the HP LaserJet 9065 in accounts."
Supply Dude: "I'll need to know your cost centre and have a signed purchase request form for that."
Office Chick: "Fuck you pencil neck!"
by Wizards Sleeve May 31, 2005
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How do you know if you're a pencil neck geek? Check for the following symptoms:

1. You read Harry Potter books.
2. You're a liberal.
3. You cry a lot.
4. You receive flu shots.
5. You wear sandals with socks...colored socks.
6. You work in a "safe job" that involves an inordinate amount of bureaucracy, paperwork, or technology.
7. You design security software more complex than what it was designed to protect.
8. You're a virgin.
9. You have a discordant fashion sense, with questionable hygienne, but don't seem to notice.
10. Your greatest athletic accomplishment involves a mouse or remote control.
11. You can't hold your head straight.
On his way home from the Star Trek convention, Bobby's Chihuahua tore Eugene a new asshole. Eugene is a snot nosed pencil neck geek.
by Neil Gendreau October 15, 2007
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When you do a boring job designing anything to do with computers and you make spreadsheets of your bank account, if you think you can buy love, but you're built like a rail post and as about as boring as one, you got tattoos and/or peircings to appear cool, but it only looks like a daisy with a bone sticking through it. When you try to do some remodeling to look like you can do manual labor, but it always looks like a big wreck, when the worst thing you ever did was something you didn't really do, but got blamed for it, when you let people leech off you for months and are too much of a puss to stand up and be a man about it. And when you go to the gym everyone around you including the guys laugh their butts off.
Look at that pencil neck jerk working out, does he really think he looks cool??? And what the hell is sticking out of his nip????
by highclassbizzitch March 03, 2008
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