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A small hole drilled into a Womans restroom or gym room that allows the observer to see what is happening while still remaining almost invisable
girl using restroom: omg theres a peep hole on the wall

high shcool coach: pulls fire alarm
by Dakota Charles September 20, 2006
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Little hole in a room that's used to look at what's happening inside after paying, mostly to watch live porno or dancing hoes. Usually found at sex shops.
I like to go watch live scat shows through the peepholes in my local sex shop.
by Kirau February 04, 2005
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the hole in the front of ones boxers used to pee out of
hey Cindy, my wiener is sticking out of my peep hole!
by prison mike 69 September 16, 2010
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A way that Tomcats peep.
The experiments with my brain are scaring, hurting and confusing me. The peep holes aren't fun if no one tells me what's going on and it's left to my imagination. Shitty toilet ass peep holes make me question wtf is going on.
by PineappleJuice June 02, 2015
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