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A little small dinky so small that even Shonna as a junior in high school will laugh at the small peeny weeny. Shonna likes all dick but even a peeny weeny will make her laugh out loud.
Shonna typically liked to date guys with big dicks, so she couldn't help but laugh so hard when she saw that Nathan had a peeny weeny. It was so small she had to tell all of the girls in student council. Then Courtney was so curious she went on a date with Nathan so she could see if his peeny weeny was really as small as Shonna said. Courtney found out that Nathan's dick was really peeny weeny but she had to suck it because she agreed to go on the date. Courtney ended up having a crush on Nathan so she sucked his peeny weeny every weekend for her entire junior year in high school. She had fun though, and so did Nathan. Every girl knew his dick was small, though, and his nickname became peeny weeny!
by brad1256 January 20, 2014
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