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To surprise someone.
Example: Peekaboo, I'm not a virgin anymore! :D
by Mysterious August 02, 2004

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The best movie ever. A movie that teaches the watchers about the real kind of rock, Classic. It will keep you laughing through out it.
Everyone needs to see school of rock, Right now.

"One great rock show can change the world"

"And in the words of ACDC, we roll tonight. Till the guitar bites. And for those about to rock, I salute you."

"Then the magic man he come to town, woo wee, he gone and spun my head around. He said recess is in session. 2 and 2 make 5. And now baby well im alive"
by Mysterious April 11, 2004

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Lyrically Wack
"My Names 'C.O.T.'Ya'll Know How I Be."
by Mysterious January 04, 2003

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A kind of goo that comes out of your unmentionable and into the loo; smells, too.
"Ahh, look at that ugly pooh!"
by Mysterious August 02, 2004

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When u fart intentionally in front of a old person on a open fire until you get the old person on fire.
"AHHHHHHHH! WTF im dyin cause of that OKLAHOMA FART u asshole".
by MYSTERIOUS March 21, 2003

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