The Perry Bible Fellowship, a collection of very amusing comics drawn by Nicholas Gurewitch. The origin of many original terms, such as 'Weeaboo'.
Hey, check out the PBF, it's so funny!
by Tacoman July 19, 2006
Puberty's Biggest Failure. When they're a gym-loving douchebag who thinks they're the shit but they still haven't hit puberty yet.
Me: "David wants to come to the gym to get gains with us."
Jack: "He's still pbf no matter how many gains he tries to get"
by The greatest king alive August 1, 2017
Pee Buddies Forever.

A twist on the more common term BFF. To be used when one managed to make a life-long best friend after frequently meeting him/her at the toilet or arranging to do so.

Cooler when PBFs are of different gender.
by ying&yong March 22, 2010
Joe got thrown in jail last night for a DUI and got PBF'd.
by t c December 22, 2003
a girl with a banging body but not so much in the face that a paper bag over her head is required to even consider it...therefore a #pbf
Person 1: Damn look at that body, oh damn never mind she ugly
Person 2: Nah man just #pbf it
by titan704 October 15, 2013
Pussy Before Friends
To cancel one's planned participation in a group or social activity with friends, for the expressed purpose of getting laid.
Michael decided to PBF on us again tonight. At least he has his priorities correct.
by J8ED January 29, 2010
Permanent Bitch Face. When a girl permanently looks like she is scowling, pissed off, or generally disapproves of something.
"Why is that girl giving me dirty looks?"
"Maybe she's not, she could just have PBF"
by eillaheht November 25, 2009