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The Perry Bible Fellowship, a collection of very amusing comics drawn by Nicholas Gurewitch. The origin of many original terms, such as 'Weeaboo'.
Hey, check out the PBF, it's so funny!
by Tacoman July 19, 2006
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Pussy Before Friends
To cancel one's planned participation in a group or social activity with friends, for the expressed purpose of getting laid.
Michael decided to PBF on us again tonight. At least he has his priorities correct.
by J8ED January 28, 2010
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Permanent Bitch Face. When a girl permanently looks like she is scowling, pissed off, or generally disapproves of something.
"Why is that girl giving me dirty looks?"
"Maybe she's not, she could just have PBF"
by eillaheht November 25, 2009
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Pretty Boy Floyd. Nickname for one of the best pound for pound fighters of all time, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
PBF wasn't so pretty after Manny Pacquiao fucked him up and took all his money.
by ramaku November 15, 2009
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Party Best Friend
Term used to describe a one night "best friend" at a party. Usually seen drinking together, laughing, saying you will be best friends forever, then not ever talking after. You can always depend on them for the night.
Jenna: So I saw you hanging out with Emma last night. What's up with that?
Holly: Oh. She was just my PBF. We took shots together and held each others hair while we barfed. We stuck together all night.
by beedizzzle August 02, 2011
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PBFs, short for Pabst Beer Farts, known for their reliably unique and pungent odor.
My mom wants me to go to lunch with her, but I think I better blow it off. That party last night left me with wicked PBFs.
by Droogie Toogie August 28, 2012
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Rating a girl on a scale of 1-10 based on personality, body, and fuckability. If the girl is not known personally, then a rating of 5 must be given for personality. Leeway is granted here however. If you don't know a girl, but have observed her briefly and have a general impression, then by all means, rate her accordingly. The three ratings can be summed for a total score.

Notice that while body certainly plays into fuckability, there are certain intangibles that sometimes lend towards rather different ratings.

Make it your own...
Different P.B.F. ratings:

Blake Lively: P-5, B-9, F-10
Ashley Olsen: P-5, B-4, F-6
That chick in your psychology class you don't know but kind of want to stick it in: P-5, B-6, F-10
That chick standing at the bar at 3 am that seems like an uppity bitch and is hideous: P-1, B-1, F-8
by Lothario1245 July 27, 2011
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