Someone who is overly nice and encouraging about something/someone that clearly sucks
Don't pull a paula abdul - her dress sucks.
by snufericious February 25, 2005
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probably the smallest and hottest chick out there. she was a cheerleader, an amazing dancer and an ok singer, and now a judge on american idol. shes also like 40 and looks like 20.
guy 1: i want paula abduls boddd

guy 2: good luck stealing it away from that ugly ass britt who keeps feeling her up every nite on american idol.

guy 1: fuckk that douchebag
by fugitive_ass June 5, 2006
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1. state of being multi-talented
2. of or relating to cute smallness
1. to a person with many talents: "Woah, you're a regular paula abdul!"
2. to a person who is small and cute: "'re Paula Abdul" ok, so maybe that one is stupid....oh well.
by Lauren March 16, 2004
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a crazy drunken judge on american idol who we all love to laugh at just cuz we can : D
wow ur as drunk as paula abdul!!! hahaha!!!
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Something that looks like a woman but is really an alien who can't criticize somebody. Best known for her "oh-my-god-how-original-songs" like Opposites Attract which proves here she's not a normal human being because she wrote the song before knowing Simon Cowell.
OMG I just want to kill Paula Abdul by complementing her to death!!!!!
by destroy AI please April 9, 2005
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The act of sticking one's manhood into the ear canal of another. Sexual intercourse within the ear may result.
X: "You gonna Paula Abdul your girlfriend tonight?"

Y: "Nah, she's got an ear infection, maybe tomorrow when her ear's better."
by P. Abdul March 29, 2005
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