One of the best counter strike source players around. been pwning noobs since 2004. now goes by

=گụ= «þat£Nt þ£NÐiÑG»
omg its patent pending!!!!! lets rage quit b4 he pwns j00
The art of making your dick look like a hamburger by using your floppy aardvark as the meat and his twin hickory nuts as the bun. It's patented. Make your own.
"Dude my wife was being such a negative Nancy the other night so I hit her with that patented dick burger and she's all good now!"
by Pangefous52 August 29, 2019
Going to the nearest fast food restaurant, purchasing something and then disguising it as your own cooking. Delightfully devilish, Seymour!
I cooked some burgers myself! Patented Skinner recipe!
by xx_SteamedHams_xx September 30, 2018
When driving, it's the act of pulling through an empty parking spot in a shopping center forgoing the need of backing up your vehicle.
(Driver): Starts car and pulls through open space in the parking lot.
(Passenger): "Hey, you just did the Patented Julie Pull Through!"
by guysm1ley February 25, 2021
A place where the guys are shorter than the girls, racist against black people (though they are for the most part non existent within the school) and have less testosterone than the girls as well. The hicks, the deers, AND the antelope play in the fields (usually on 4-wheelers, or some kind of farm machine). Once in a while there is a really cute guy. Other times, farm boots and cow shit are what you get. The girls are slutty. Since the school is so small, the girls desperately reach out to other schools in the district, usually by opening their legs. Overall, Holland Patent High School is a great school if you want an easy lay, or to roll in the hay with a less than attractive farmer boy.
Holland Patent High School
by JustxSayinnx March 24, 2011
Pimp shit, basically. Slick talk so smooth that it's swagger jacker-proof. Slick talk so prolific and profound that muthafuckas can't just bite off that shit, cuz it's in ya, not on ya.
First Guy: "Kristine Ngo got that slick talk down on her blog."

Second Guy: "Yeah but she can't spit game like a true playa."

First Guy: "What the fuck you talkin' bout? Women invented the game. And her mouthpiece is silk and satin, signed wit a patent, daddy."
take the top layer of skin off with a knife and pour bleach on it

works for: poison ivy, chiggers, burns, cuts, scrapes, sunburn, chemical burns, AIDS, cancer, etc..
"DUDE! I had some wicked poison ivy, but i used Rash's Patented Quick Fix For Everything and got rid of it ASAP"

-"I think that chick last night might've had something. My crotch itches like hell."
+"You should try Rash's Patented Quick Fix For Everything"
by rashakash July 11, 2008