A pay to win option used in popular mobile clash royale, whenever you see someone using this you can guarantee they live in their moms basement and spend all their minimum wage money on clash royale gems and male prostitutes.
me: thank you for alerting us you are gay
friend: i just knew buying pass royale was the best way to show you
by yourmotherlikesmen November 17, 2021
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The most stupid most fucking annoying type of paid to win shit you can buy in a game if you buys this you automatically spend all your live saving on this paid to win bullshit mobile game called clash royale You dont only spend it in Some crappy mobile game definitely spend it on male prostitutes and wish you pulled friends or some bicthes
Pearson 1:i have pass royale
Pearson 2:stfu Dumbass 9 year old with pass royale
by DFngibgrjg March 10, 2022
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